About Graham:

I am a graduate of the Westminster Hotel School, the country's finest school of Hotel Management. Whilst there, I worked at hundreds of West End and City functions and saw dozens of Toastmasters at work. Those experiences and a college lecturer who was a Toastmaster, planted the idea that, one day, I'd become one too!

A career in Hotel Sales & Marketing, the Inbound Travel Industry and as Chief Executive of 2 Trade Associations means that receptions, dinners, cocktail parties, product launches, conferences, study trips and most type of events are second nature to me.

After careful research, I selected the Professional Toastmasters Academy for my training. I was delighted when they selected me too! Their training is the most comprehensive available and covers all types of functions.

After passing the rigorous exam and being observed working I became a Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters, your guarantee of professionalism!

I now have over 8 years experience and almost 350 functions behind me. Over 200 are weddings, of practically every culture On the next page you will see a list of all types of Events.

For a no-obligation chat give me a call!

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